SYR Ladybug Demonstration Video

The SYR Ladybug Combo Mop Bucket is a heavy duty, moulded plastic bucket and wringer in one, which is highly portable and ideal for cleaning in restricted areas. It is hugely popular for professional use.

The Ladybug features an easy-clean, 15 litre capacity and compact 2" castor wheels. It is available in a choice of four colours, reducing cross-contamination.

The wringer is constructed of rigid plastic and stainless steel, is vertical level controlled and features soak dosing control. It incorporates a stainless steel handle with a plastic grip for comfort, and an internal dirt grid and sump, to trap dirt and reduce contamination of water for longer.

  • Colour Coded;
  • Built in dirt sump and grid;
  • Integrated chemical solution dose pod;
  • 2" Plastic castor wheels;
  • Fixed wringer, non removable;
  • Fits mops up to 14g


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